Funded, developed and published by bikeiberia.com
With the feedback of experienced cyclists from various backgrounds,
from students to business people
The Map seen on printed paper version is no different than you have on line,
but with better resolution and quality.

As for contents there are features online that would not work on paper version.
Paper version contains relevant info, briefly presented, intended for use outdoors,
often on a first approach to cycling here.

The Lisbon Bike Map is available only at
bikeiberia Lisbonhub in Lisbon downtown at Largo Corpo Santo, 5;
Lisbon Tourism Office Network.
Soon, Lisbon Bike Map Advertisers, Partners and other Cycle Friendly locations
may also have it available.
It is a useful map and ideal to Lisbon both on foot or cycling, great value for the money and the easiest way to show your support for this project.

If you like maps like we do this is also a cool gift for you or for that friend who enjoys riding a bicycle!

Take it as advice from locals and experienced cyclists to the average rider somewhat comfortable on urban traffic. Routes that are most suitable to get you from A to B, riding as other vehicles do.

If you believe there is a better or quieter way than what is suggested, being safer, give it a try! We invite you to share your riding experiences so we can regularly add a selection and update.

If you welcome bicycles and cyclists at your premises, have day parking facility (for shops, restaurants, etc) or safe indoor overnight parking (for accommodations) that is a good start!
There are different ways, one you can learn more with is MUBI – Cycling Advocacy at http://selo.mubi.pt/

If you would like to be listed as Cycle Friendly please Contact us by email presenting your business, information on what you believe makes it Cycle Friendly and Photos/Logo. Regularly, as possible, we will evaluate applications and upload those approved.

This is a Not For Profit project therefore we are always looking for support, whether a translation, new features and developments for the website or the paper version are welcome, as well a Donation so we can keep it running and updated.
Please use our setup by clicking here
Or of you would like to do it in a different way
please send us an email and we will provide other options so it is easy and convenient
If you run an activity/business which is Cycle Friendly and are keen to work with cyclists, offering quality service and benefits especially designed and created with cyclists and travelers in mind, then please go ahead and contact us with relevant information.
If you would like to target those who ride a bicycle in town everyone expects your business to be at least Cycle Friendly. Please go ahead and contact us with your requirements and needs for advertising on the website (more flexible and affordable) or on the paper version.