A number of people have contributed to make this project possible
and it will not be easy to evoke them all.

Some of those are:
Gregor Burkhart and Mario J Alves for their initial support and input, Gregor never gives up!

Ricardo Sobral and Filipa Campos for their work and input in giving this project a body;

Fernando Mateus for the final touches and careful image;

Chris O’ Connor, a friend from San Francisco, who showed us around,
including cycling across Golden Gate bridge.
This is where this idea of developing this bike map for Lisbon actually started;

Kathleen Stephens, a friend and a US Diplomat,
avid cyclist whom we cycled with exploring Lisbon and Portugal, Washington DC and Montana or Seoul;

Tania Caldas for her commitment and patience, energy and research ability to develop and take it further,
bringing it together to where we are now.

Thanks to all cyclists out there things are getting better and easier day by day,
Making it especially easier for the “new riders” and visitors, as the they are the main reason to develop this map and website.

We would like to Thanks our family and friends, who miss us when away, on this mission.

To publish this Lisbon Bike Map is for us a meaningful moment, which means the accomplishment of a Dream.