Riding a Bicycle is a great and enjoyable way to get around.
Riding in Lisbon, its surroundings, Portugal or Spain is no different than riding back home.

Selected below are some of the most relevant tips and advice to ride a Bicycle in Lisbon.
Whether a novice or experienced rider, it is recommended you take a look at this.

According to Portuguese highway Code: Walking your bicycle = Pedestrian
  • Ride on sidewalks ONLY if strictly necessary (fast/intense traffic)
    and always YELD to pedestrians
  • Slow down and make sure you have been noticed (ring the bell!)
  • If possible establish eye contact (with drivers and pedestrians)
  • For Passing on the Right /Left: please shout ATENÇÃO DIREITA / ESQUERDA
  • Be nice and courteous to Pedestrians and other trail users: Bom dia! or Boa Tarde / Boa Noite! (Good Morning /Afternoon /Night) followed by Obrigado/a! (Thank you!)
  • Short or long sleeve breathable light jerseys are advised for the warmer days
  • The easiest way to avoid perspiring is to pedal slower on lower gears
  • Drink water and cold drinks more often to re-hidrate and take brakes at shades
Generally you will not need to ride in the rain, but if you do,
a light windproof/waterproof layer should be enough.
When it does rain it is often for short periods.
  • Layered clothing is recommended
  • A light fleece windproof jacket will get you by on cooler days
  • Keep in mind that gloves or hats might be useful
  • Stay visible after dark and in bad weather using lights
  • Always wear light-colored clothing and reflective gear
  • Stay alert
  • Establish eye contact with other road users (including pedestrians!)
  • Select routes preferably using smaller streets with lighter and slower traffic
  • Keep a confident and assertive riding and you should be fine
To choose the best routes, we suggest you follow our map suggestions.
  • Learn the best routes to avoid harder climbs and busier streets
  • Cobbles can get very slippery when wet
  • Stay alert when crossing tram tracks, the more at right angle the better!
  • Road quality varies even within a small area
  • Stay alert for oncoming traffic, especially on narrow roads
  • Occasional fast moving traffic can be annoying
  • Stay alert for street dogs
Cobblestones are still quite common at historical parts of towns
throughout Portugal with no exception to Lisbon!

They can get very slippery when wet, be gentle and very careful when braking and turning.

It can get very slippery when wet and when crossing tram tracks.
Be gentle and very careful when braking and turning.

Since cycling is becoming increasingly popular,
local drivers tend to become even more conscious and respectful of cyclist’s needs.
As of Jan 1st 2014 Portuguese Highway code offers increased protection to bicycle users.

Always lock the bike frame to a well-grounded and steady structure.
In city areas quality sturdy locks are generally safer and required.

Lisbon Lock Bike
  • Quick releases on wheels and saddle could also be a problem
  • Always remove all lights, tools, pump
    and other small objects from the bike
  • Watch out where you leave your bike and for how long
Overnight ALWAYS park bicycles indoors!

Lisbon has a mild dry climate with few rainy days year round, normally we have clear skies and dry weather with very low humidity.
The warmer months are June through August, average high temperatures are 25-30º C.
The cooler months are January and February, average high temperatures are 12-20º C.
The usual rainy season is December through March with occasional showers in October-November or April. Normally it does not get below 10-12º C.

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