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Although bike parking facilities are rare most shops and business understand cyclists’ needs, often allowing bikes in their premises or offering for a staff member, or someone from Security, to keep an eye on your bicycle and belongings while you do your shopping, eat, go to bank , etc.

Some accommodation units knowing that bicycles do need to be parked indoors for safety,
will make room within their premises or nearby, so their Guests can ride their bikes until late or early in the morning, knowing that in between bikes will be safe.

To start with, it is all about Safe Parking for bicycles,
open minded and service orientated people will certainly offer more options
and better service for their Clients and Guests who choose to ride bicycles.

If your business is Cycle Friendly you should consider becoming our Partner or Advertise on Lisbon Bike Map as this is a great way to show your business commitment with Lisbon’s bicycling community.

It does not take much from everyone and will ensure we can afford to continue developing and updating this service. For more information please contact us.

These days Cycling is Popular and Trendy like never before,
not only in Lisbon, Portugal and Spain but genuinely all over, no matter what Country or Continent!

Our partners will recommend cycling as an option to visit and explore Lisbon or just to exercise, know where to go for a Guided Bike Tour or Where to Rent a Bicycle.

All our Partners started as a Bike Friendly Business,
and realized it does not take much to please and attract cyclists to their premises.

We appreciate your support and possible donation
so we can  keep this project funded and operating.

For more information, including options to become a Partner here on this website
and on the next Printed Version, please contact us.

If your business is willing to attract cyclists this is your best option.
Many will start by planning their journeys here
and then ride with a Lisbon Bike Map handy at all times.

People who enjoy cycling can stay at Low Cost Hostels but also at 5 Star Hotels
and anything in between, can eat at simple taverns at picturesque quarters
or search for the most sophisticated eatery, especially to celebrate something special,
appreciate shopping of genuine goods priced reasonably.

Although some can be budget minded many will value the service for the money paid.
Therefore are willing to pay for the service they get.
Associating your business with bicycles is more than
to simply put a bicycle on shop windows and decoration like some do.

For more information, including options for Advertising here on this website
and on the next Printed Version, please contact us.