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Getting your Lisbon Bike Map?

The Lisbon Bike Map is affordable and great value for the money,
is the ideal gift for those who simply love maps, cycling
or for your friends who love to go bicycling!

Outstanding graphic information makes it user friendly, easy to read and understand.
Printing on quality paper makes it pleasant to use and durable even on rainy days!

Please visit bikeiberia’s LisbonHub in downtown Lisboa,
Or check with our Partners, Advertisers and some Cycling Friendly Locations
listed in our website as they may also have it available.
As more locations have it available we will list them on this website.

The Lisbon Bike Map only costs 7 EUR and all its revenue goes towards keeping this website, updating and developing contents and the Bike Map reprinting.
If you appreciate the Lisbon Bike Map Project,
please help us keep this project funded.